Bocal for the HKICW baroque bassoon by Wolf.

This bocal is a great improvement in the performance of this model baroque bassoon. It plays with slightly more resistance and speaks easier in the high register without losing the low. It is an improvement for range high c, c#, d. High a speaks much better. Reeds can be slightly shorter. I make reeds that work well that are 64mm long. Weight of the bocal ca.50 grams. The shape of the bend can be discussed and customized.

Bocal for HKICW

I also make bocals in different lengths for classical and baroque instruments.

I use my own model bocal for my Anciuti by Francois De Rudder, which gives me more sound and flexibility in the low range without losing out on the high register.

For classical bassoon I developed a model based on an original 18th century bocal from my collection. This can be ordered in different lengths depending on the pitch of the bassoon.

If desired, I can provide suitable reeds with the local.

Every bocal can be returned if not satisfied. For more information please contact me.

Comments of customers:

“…it has a beautiful tone and the high A also seems effortless.”

“Love the reed/bocal combo right off – it speaks easily through the whole range!”

“The bocal has more evenness and resistance and, to my feeling, a bigger sound.”