Lessons and online lessons

Historical Bassoons

Wouter teaches at the Royal Conservatoire, The Hague, and the Royal College of Music, London. Besides, he teaches students and professionals of different levels at his home in Rijswijk, The Netherlands, or globally via FaceTime or Skype.

Focusing points are:

Basic technical help on the dulcian, baroque and classical bassoon.

Help with fingerings.

Interpretation of sixteenth-, seventeenth- and eighteenth-century repertoire following historical sources.

Articulation including double-tongue.

Sound production.

Reed making following modern and historical methods.


For more information on the various possibilities, please get in touch with me.



Pre-recorded bass lines:

Baroque bassoon parts:

Jean Daniel Braun

Braun Sonate 1.1 Allegro
Braun Sonate 1.2 Allegro
Braun Sonate 1.3 Aria
Braun Sonate 1.4 Allegro
Braun Sonate 1.5 Minoetto

Dulcian parts:

Iusti Tulerunt by Lassus part 1
Iusti Tulerunt by Lassus part 2