Alto g shawm after Vienna 182 in 465 or 440. Reeds can be provided.

€1400 incl. tax excl. shipping. Two reeds included.

Soprano shawm in C after Freiberg. In the 16th century, the need for a shawm in C became increasingly pressing. The traditional D shawm is great when played together with an alto in G. But when, around 1500, the bass part was added to the ensemble, combining the shawm in D with a bass instrument in F became problematic. Praetorius wrote in his Syntagma that some makers were experimenting with building soprano instruments in C, which would solve the problem. In the cathedral of Freiberg, three soprano shawms in C have been preserved by angels who held them 40 meters above the ground in their guided hands for over 400 years. An ideal instrument for 16th and 17th-century non-transposed repertoire. Pitch 440 or 465.

€750 incl. tax excl. shipping. Two reeds included.